Who We Are

PendletonTech has been providing personalized technology solutions to small businesses in the Silicon Valley area since 2004.

We tailor our services to the needs of each individual client and avoid the template approach taken by other service providers. We focus on establishing true partnerships with our customers in order to fully understand their technology requirements and provide a superior support experience.

So, whether you need assistance with a single computer or setting up an entire office, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how PendletonTech can help.  Contact Us

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Humanizing Information Technology

This is not simply our tagline, it is our mission statement. We are personally committed to the satisfaction of our clients and the success of their technology choices. Our primary goal is to assist customers in a manner with which they are comfortable.

We believe that communicating with clients respectfully, and without excessive technical jargon, is as important as making sure their technical issues get resolved.

We strive to establish long-term personal relationships with our customers, which we believe will put us in the best possible position to support them.  We recognize that each client is unique, and therefore has not just specific support requirements, but also a distinct working style.  Thus, we avoid implementing a predetermined set of tools or strategies within an organization, as we feel that would be counterintuitive and a disservice to the client.  Instead, our goal is to customize solutions based on the individual needs and preferences of each customer.

In short, our experience has taught us that the relationship between the client and the provider is the true key to supplying the highest level of service.  It is our desire to develop a strong bond of trust with each client and always maintain a personal investment in the people and environments we support.

Small Business Specialists

PendletonTech has been exclusively supporting local small businesses for over 10 years. Our customer base includes architects, lawyers, property managers, realtors, doctors, general contractors, designers, marketing firms, caterers, venture capitalists, mortgage brokers and many others. From individual business professionals to organizations with multiple sites and numerous employees, we have supported most every type of office environment.

On occasion, we are brought in to assist with special projects or to complement existing I.T. operations, but in most cases we are the sole providers of support, managing all areas of the technical infrastructure. We believe our experience with a diverse set of clients and technical scenarios has helped us develop a dynamic support approach and an exceptional level of customer service. So, whether you run your business from a single computer or you require support for multiple offices with a complex network topology, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Our Clients

A selection of local small businesses who employ our services.