Consulting Services

Technical Support

Server down? Network malfunctioning? Have a computer infected with malware? Or perhaps you need assistance installing a piece of equipment? Whatever the case, we can help you over the phone or come to your location to get your systems back on track.

Managed Services

We can manage some or all of your computing devices and technology infrastructure around the clock, and proactively address any issues before they become major ones. Contact us to find out how these services can keep your systems running at their peak.

System Maintenance

Proper administration and maintenance of your servers and network appliances is paramount when it comes to keeping your equipment running smoothly and preventing catastrophic failures from costing your company valuable time and money.

Backup & Recovery

The single most important step you can take to protect your company's data is to back it up. Backup procedures should also be consistently reviewed and verified so that you are completely certain your data is protected. Already experienced a drive failure without a backup? We have the tools and resources to help.

Security & Protection

In order to protect your systems from hackers and malicious programs in today's Internet driven world, you need to be diligent in locking down your network. From basic security scans and analysis to comprehensive security strategies, we can help determine a solution that makes sense for your environment.

Data Archiving

We offer forensic quality disk duplication and provide various archival methods and media types to safely store your company's data. Whether you require exact replication of your data to meet legal requirements or simply wish to generate a permanent archive or your organization's information, we can get the job done for you.

Cloud Services

System Monitoring

Real time monitoring of your servers and network appliances provides the highest level of proactive support. The status and logs from your systems are streamed to our monitoring servers, so we will know immediately if a problem is developing and respond accordingly.

Online Backup

The best way to ensure the protection of your critical data is to safely and securely store a copy in an offsite location. Online backup offers the most convenient and effective way to accomplish this task, which is why this service is by far our most popular one. Our redundant, secure servers keep your data safely backed up in the cloud. 

Cloud Sync

Synchronize your data between all of your devices - desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and/or tablet. Your data is accessible wherever you are, even from a friend's computer or public system.

Web & Email Hosting

Our secure and reliable web hosting service will keep your website up and running. Premium hosting services include: DNS, FTP and SQL support. Standard email accounts and over 4,500 web templates are also included.  We also offer hosted Exchange services for businesses which require a professional and collaborative email system.

Virtual Computing

If you need access to server and database applications from remote locations, then virtual computing may be a good option for you. We can provide virtual server and workstations to which you can connect from your laptop, desktop or mobile device, and run your programs as if you were sitting in front of the remote computer.

Hosted PBX

VoIP-enabled business voice service that provides you with a complete telephone service for your business—without requiring you to install and manage complicated, expensive equipment. With hosted PBX, small businesses can take advantage of enterprise-grade desktop calling features.